Elsa’s War



Elsa was an only child and really enjoyed the singular attention from her parents. However, a cousin was born at the age of six who took some of her attention away from Grandma. During the War everyone had to pitch in to do their part, so Mama had to go to work at the mill, so at a very young age Betty had to take on the responsibility of babysitting her little cousin.

They lived in a very safe neighborhood and children could play from house to house or take walks. Elsa’a cousin would follow her everywhere, even when she wasn’t babysitting!  One day Elsa decided to visit her friend who lived a little further down the hill.  She looked behind her and here was her cousin following along, she was so upset that the took off her shoe and threw it at her little cousin and hit her right on the forehead!

Yes, there was blood, so Betty took the little one home and cleaned her up. She was very worried though, not for her little cousin, she knew she would be alright. SHE WAS WORRIED ABOUT HOW MUCH TROUBLE SHE WOULD BE IN!!!!


The photos and stories in Brown Bag Letter are synchronized. To preserve personal history, my hope is that the anonymous photo and story from a different family will keep the stories of our past vibrant and not allow these folks to fade away.

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    • Actually, the woman that told me this story was “the kindest at the table” her voice so soft & so smiley. We asked her what the punishment was. She said, “I think my parents knew my true punishment was hurting my cousin, I really did feel badly.” I’d be paddled, grounded & wouldn’t have ice cream for a month!


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