She Never Knew



Gertrude was 18 years old and went home one day to visit her mother, but mom was already sharing a cup of tea a woman, sitting at the kitchen table. This visitor looked, strangely . . . like her and she felt as if she was looking in the mirror when she heard her MOM say, “Gertrude, I want you to meet your mother . . .”

When she was a baby, her parents were Bootleggers, traders of liquor during the prohibition era. Rough times hardly explains the situation these parents were in as they tried everything they could to feed and house their children. Eventually, they got caught & were put in jail. Their eight children were dispersed to different families to prevent them from going to an orphanage. When Gertrude’s birth mother was released from jail, she desperately searched for her children, and she raised some herself, but she knew that the others had very good lives with other families now.  So with a broken heart, she knew what she had to do. Gertrude was one that was left with the only family she knew. What a surprise it was to meet her birth mother that day.

Gertrude never met all her brothers and sisters until she was 52 years old.


The photos and stories in Brown Bag Letter are synchronized. To preserve personal history, my hope is that the anonymous photo and story from a different family will keep the stories of our past vibrant and not these folks to fade away.

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