img_20180612_102123282204081399.jpgMother and my little brother were always so close. I think she always preferred him, but I understand why. As young as I was, I remember that day so well. Mother gave birth to Fredrick, and everyone thought he was stillborn.

He was premature and was blue. He didn’t breathe either. Mother was hysterical in grief, I wanted to help her, but couldn’t do anything. She cried out, “He was moving, please do something!” But all the adults were ready to start talking about a funeral. That is, except for my Aunt Susanah. She spoke up with great authority said, “I’m not ready to give up on this little boy. Give me that baby!” She had some warm sugar water and with her finger placed some on his lips. He began to move his lips!

They wrapped him up, and gave him to Mother to cuddle and guided them to a rocker close to the cook stove so that they could both feel the warmth. After a few minutes, he began to stir. I don’t know if it was the warmth of the stove or Mother’s heart, but he lived! The house was quiet with awe, except for the sniffles from the tears of joy. Well, it was quiet until Frederick started to cry! So, I don’t mind if she prefers him, as a matter of fact, I’ve preferred my brother to most people my entire life.


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