She was a Crazy one!



Even as an elderly woman my Grandmother was still quite BEAUTIFUL! At 87, she still had quite a shape too. She had the smallest waistline I’ve ever seen. Gram was a model in her younger years and even tried out for the part Vivian Leigh played in “Gone With the Wind!” But she was a crazy one!

From one day to the next you would never know the mood she would be in. She really made things interesting though. I remember going to visit her at her lovely home in Florida, but she was a chain smoker and it smelled like Camel cigarettes. She also had five standard poodles and a couple other mutts, I’m not sure how many all together. Picture this –In her bedroom were two king sized beds that were pushed together and, of course those dogs would sleep in the bed with her.

When she was done a pack of “cigs” she would crumble up the package and throw it across the room for the dogs to “fetch.”



The photos and stories in Brown Bag Letter are synchronized. To preserve personal history, my hope is that the anonymous photo and story from a different family will keep the stories of our past vibrant and not these folks to fade away.

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