I Wanna be First!

family of 14


I grew up in a family of 14 kids, and we didn’t have indoor plumbing back then. I remember my Mother pulling out the battered old galvanized tub and heating up water on the cook stove for our bath.

One by one, we all were cleaned up. Let me tell you,  we argued like the dickens who would go first in line because she used the same water for all of us! (She did warm it up a bit though if it got too cold).


The photos and stories in Brown Bag Letter are synchronized. To preserve personal history, my hope is that the anonymous photo and story from a different family will keep the stories of our past vibrant and not these folks to fade away.

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  1. I shudder the thought of sharing bath water with anyone, being a germophobe and all! I bet that gives you an appreciation for plumbing that so many others take for granted or never give a 2nd thought to.

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