Grandma Traveled the World

Grandma TravelsGrandma traveled the world, at least in her dreams. When she came across the Old World Atlas she found it amazing. She was from the hills of Kentucky, she never traveled any more than to the next county. She birthed 13 children. Two died in childbirth. Her other children were grown and had families of their own. She bragged regularly of her 9 Great Grandchildren. With such a large family and full life, indeed she needed solace and peace. Her favorite spot was on the hill behind the house.

At times she would pick wild flowers, or watch the birds. However, her favorite thing to do was to travel the world while sitting still. That Old World Atlas took her to exotic places like Africa and India. She imagined being on safari and walking the colorful streets of Calcutta.

Her time spent on that hill was precious. When she wandered back to the house, she always had a smile on her face. She embraced the imaginations of her grand-children and always encouraged them to embrace their dreams.


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